24 MAY 2010, MONDAY

Finally we have a good night sleep yesterday, not because of the door has been repaired but maybe due to majority of the guest has already checked-out on Sunday.
Mommy did not purchase any breakfast voucher for this morning and therefore, we will have to eat out. Daddy insisted to try their local nasi dagang and after checking with the friendly and helpful Front Officer, we went to Warong Ceri Beserah as recommended which is located further down after Pak Su Seafood Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.

Warong Ceri Beserah

We said bye-bye to Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan after checking-out at about 12:10pm and made a quick stop at one of those shops selling the ever famous Kuantan salted fish by the name 'Pusat Ikan Masin Kuantan' located nearby the resort.

Besides the salted fish, we also bought some prawn crackers, fish snacks and huge packets of Honey Roasted Cuttlefish for our colleagues.

We actually planned to visit the temple located at Sungai Lembing but unable to find the place even after trying for a few rounds, furthermore, time was catching up and we decided to start our long journey back to KL.

As earlier planned by Daddy, we had our early dinner at BBQ Bukit Tinggi Restaurant. This was the second time we patron in this restaurant but because Mommy was pregnant with little Kit boy during the first visit, Mommy has actually missed out two of their signature dishes. Lovely Daddy said he will order again these special dishes that Mommy had missed out previously and it really yummylicious especially the lamb. Thanks dear Daddy and I really appreciate it.

BBQ Bukit Tinggi Restaurant

The interior design of the restaurant

We continued our journey and reached our home-sweet-home at about 5:30pm.


  1. hungryyy after reading the delicous post

  2. SmallKucing: heheeheh...ya, I also feel hungry when reading back my own post..hehehe :P

  3. get to eat out oso sometimes shiok jugak. get to experience the local food :D

  4. Merryn: Thats what my hub said. He always don prefer to eat in the hotel cos he says all buffet breakfast is also almost the same.


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