23 MAY 2010, SUNDAY

Despite yesterday was very very tired, but all three of us were unable to sleep well mainly because of the disturbing noise caused by the door to the entrance from the lift lobby which is less than 10 steps away from our room. The said door were 'banging' loudly each and every time when there is someone walking in or out from the lift lobby throughout the whole night and that was really annoying. Due to this, we woke up very early this morning at about 7:15am and after Kit boy has woke up from his beautiful dreamland, we went down to The Garden Terrance located at the Ground Floor for our buffet breakfast.

I would say that there are not much choices in terms of food but the ambience is quite relaxing with the nice pool view. However, we still enjoyed our breakfast, especially our little Kit boy who walloped almost the whole bowl of cornflakes.

Myself, I had a bit of everything but what Daddy likes the most was their Egg Station. I tried their half-boiled egg, wow ichiban, while Daddy had two 'mata kerbau' which were very well done too.

After breakfast, both Daddy and Kit boy jumped straight into the swimming pool, I mean the baby pool and had so much fun. Kit boy even met some new friends at the pool and were playing beach ball together.

Even though Kit boy has been 'swimming' for a mere 2 hours but yet is still so difficult to get him out from the pool. Luckily all the other kids (his new friends) were also leaving the pool, by then only we managed to persuade this little fella to get out from there...phew!

Is about lunch time and once again Daddy wanted to try his luck to see if he could find some good food from the town but then most of the shops were closed on Sunday. So we ended up at one of the Chinese coffee shop and just simply had some noodles.

From there we then proceed to our first tour destination....The Turtle Sanctuary and Information Center located at Cherating and after driving for an hour, we finally arrived to meet up with Mr. Turtle.

Turtle Sanctuary & Information Center
26050 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Contact No.: 609-5819087

Despite this should be one of the tourism destinations but it was not very well promoted. First of all, there isn't any road signs to give direction along the way and therefore, I must say that it is pretty hard for those first timer, like us, to find the place. Secondly, there aren't any activities or programmes being carried out for the visitors. At least there should be someone giving us briefing while touring the sanctuary, but unfortunately there isn't any. And last but not least, I personally think that they should have booth selling more turtle related souvenir items to the tourist. Mommy actually thought of buying a plush turtle for Kit boy to remind him of this trip but unfortunately, there isn't any again. Therefore, we were only there for less than 10 minutes. What a disappointment.

We went back to the hotel and get ourselves ready for the beach. Kit boy was very excited when Daddy said that we are going to the beach instead of driving to no where. Kit boy happily grabbed all his sand-playing tools and headed to the beach. This was the first time Kit boy explored to sand and both Mommy and 婆婆 were actually very worried that the sand might gets into his eyes and therefore, we kept reminding this little fella not to rub his eyes with his fingers that full of sand. We really had a great time building up not sand castle but sand crocodiles and aeroplanes.

Sand Contractor at Work ...dang dang dang...end results. Nice?

As at today, I dare to say that Kit boy has got very good PR skill in terms of making friends :) Wherever he goes, as long as he sees kids, either boy or girl, he will always be the first one to address them 'gor gor' or 'jie jie' and will then continue following and talking to them, despite the fact that even Mommy has got no idea what he's talking about but then Mommy is very happy that he has the initiative to make friends. Sometimes Mommy noticed that little Kit boy really loves to have a companion to play with.
After some 'professional' photos shooting at the beach, Daddy decided bringing Kit boy to the pool again for the final round before we check-out the next morning but this time, Mommy was the one who accompanied Kit boy in the pool cos Daddy too wanted to 'experience' the swimming pool (adult). Mommy met a colleague who is also utilizing the staffs' vacation benefits to have a short break. While Mommy was chitchating with the colleague, suddenly 婆婆 shouted and when Mommy turned over, poor little Kit boy was already under the water. Immediately Mommy carried him out from the water and saw him giggling while wiping his face. He doesn't seems to be a bit of afraid after falling into the water and yet continue enjoying himself and chasing after other kids. After Daddy had enough of swimming, we then returned to our room to have a relaxing hot shower before going out for our dinner.

Again we had our dinner at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. but this time Kit boy was very well behaved as compared to the first night. He obediently seated at the table most of the time and finished his glass of 'double' orange juice. Why? Because clever Daddy has choosen a table just next to those tanks of fishes. We had a very pieceful four course dinner and completed it in less than an hour. We then returned to the resort and went back straight to our room to do some pre-packing.

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