This campaign, I must say, was quite well promoted either by the announcements made through radio station or advertisement in the newspaper. I told Daddy about this event which I believed that he is also aware off and suggested going there since our boy loves fire engine so much. We have a VCD showing all types of transportation and Kit boy always asked us to play this VCD for him particularly the fire-truck part. That's why I think this would be a very good opportunity for Kit boy to see the fire-truck in real especially when we don't always get to see one on the road (touch-wood). Daddy has got no objection on this and there we go.

Despite Daddy was not very familiar with the route in USJ Subang, but we still managed to locate the place after just a few rounds. It looks very happening with many people queuing up here and there when we arrived at about 11:30am. As advertised in the newspaper, there were many interesting activities being arranged by SRI which includes demonstration of fire-blanket, fire extinguisher and smoke detector. Visitors were also given the opportunity to see what is being store in a fire-engine and how it function.

Daddy together with 婆婆 were busy showing Kit boy those red fire-trucks parked at the road side while Mommy was busy queuing up here and there to participate in those demonstrations. After each and every of the demonstrations, Mommy is to obtain a stamping on the activities card given and upon collecting all the stampings, Mommy will be given a Certificate. Besides, Mommy has also presented the newspaper cutting for a free fire extinguisher. Sound quite interesting right?

Demonstration - Fire Blanket

Hands-on Experience - Fire Extinguisher
Activity Card

But unfortunately, Mommy did not bring back any Certificate neither the free fire extinguisher despite after completing all the demonstrations and got the form fully stamped. Why? Well, the whole event was held at the factory compound without any shelter and for those who are taking part in their activities, like me, were actually queuing under the hot sun. Looking at our poor boy who was sweating like nobody business, Daddy advised Mommy to forget about the free fire extinguisher or the certificate and leave the place before it is too late as Daddy afraid Kit boy might fall sick if stay too long hours under the hot sun. So we left with empty handed.


  1. Thanks for making effort to come to our fire prevention day. we are sorry for the hot sun and will try to improve the condition by the next event and hope to see you again.

    ck Wee - Executive Director of SRI

  2. Hi Anonymous, thanks for dropping by my blog and wow..wat a surprise to receive a comment from you. For me, the whole event was very successful and informative, just only the hot sun for the sake of my little one. Keep up the good job.

  3. Oh..i did bought this fire extinguisher from this co when they having this booth at one of the Giant hypermarket. Their service is quite good.

  4. Mommy Ling: Ya..agreed with you that their service is very good. despite I hv not buy anything from them yet, but what I experienced during their recent event, their staffs are very helpful plus product knowledge is also very good.

  5. Fire prevention awareness days are a great idea! Even though many households will have either a fire extinguisher or a Fire Blanket they might not know how to use them properly. A post like this Little Kit Boy is great for those to read, especially who couldn't make it.


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