Three weeks ago I have signed up for a Parenting Talk which I came to know about it from the website and this morning, I drove all the way to Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya to attend the said seminar alone. This talk was hosted by Bounty Targeted Marketing and this is the first time I attended their seminar. There were two main topics being discussed in the 3 hours seminar starting from 10:00am till 1:00pm.

At 10:00am sharp, we kicked start with the first topic, "Weaning Basics and Beyond" presented by Mary Easaw-John, a consultant dietition. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Madras, a Professional International Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences from John Moores Liverpool University, UK and she is currently attached to Institut Jantung Negara (IJM) as a Senior Manager in the Dietetics & Food Services. Her talk was fantastic and informative with a lots of 'mind-opening' tips on how to tackle babies' weaning problem and also ways to handle picky-eater. Her talk was so interesting that I have totally forgotten to snap any pictures of her as I was too concentrated.

After a short 15 minutes break with light snack served, we then continued with the next topic on "Playing To Learn" by Jennifer Hor, a UK-trained nurse and also midwife with extensive working experience in UK, Australia and Malaysia. This was also another interesting topic and I believed that most of the mommies including myself or even Daddies would like to know how their little one can actually learn from playing, how playing can stimulate a child's brain and so on.
"Playing To Learn" by Jennifer Hor

I arrived at Armada Hotel in Petaling Jaya quite early about 9:15am and after registration, I was given a goody bag sponsored by Nestle, a New Mom Bag and also a lucky number 118 for the Lucky Draw session after the talks.

(Items found inside the New Mom Bag)
(samples were given by Nestle)

I was not only lucky for having a chance to attend such informative talk but also to get myself a Johnson's Baby hamper worth RM100.00 from the lucky draw session. Not bad lol.


  1. i came across this info and thought wana go..but didnt make it cos when i got to know this edy a day before the event held..hahha many goodies.

  2. aiya.. I then should have keep you informed of this so that we can meet up.


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