I came to know from the website that Nestle is organizing a two days event from 03 April 2010 (Saturday) to 04 April 2010 (Sunday) so called the Nestle Nourishing Malaysia Showcase at the New Wing in 1 Utama. From their program list, it looks very interesting with various types of activities being arranged starting from as early as 10:00am right up to the evening at about 6:45pm that suitable for all age groups. I told Daddy about this event last week and we decided to go today.

Right after breakfast with grandma, we drove straight to 1 Utama and reached the event area about 11:00am. There were already many people queuing up either at the counter for registration or for the free health check. Mommy together with 婆婆 went up to the registration counter to see what is their on-going activity at that point of time and was told that for the first 150 visitors who are above the age of 35 will be entitled to a free health check which inclusive of BMI, blood pressure and also glucose or body-sugar level test. Since all three of us are qualified, we registered for the free health screening. Besides, Mommy has also obtained a copy of the form (one copy for all three of us) for us to go for the food sampling of Nestle products and after each and every booth, we shall be given a stamp on the said form and once we have gathered all the stamps on the form, we will be entitled to a goodie bag each.

After Mommy and 婆婆 are done with the registration, while waiting for Daddy and little Kit boy who has gone to rent the kiddie cabby for Kit boy to come back to the event hall, we started queuing up for the health check.

Daddy and Kit boy came back just in time for the health check. When comes to our turn, each of us were asked to complete the Abbreviated Health & Nutrition Screening form before proceed to the next table to measure our weight and height. Then, we were asked to hold an equipment with both our hands straight for the body fat analysis before calculating our BMI. Next, we went over to the other table to measure our blood pressure and lastly, we went for the blood test for glucose or sugar level. After the entire test, we were asked to wait for our turn to meet up with their qualified nutritionist for a short briefing on our screening results individually.

Height & Weight Measurement

Body Fat Analysis
Blood Pressure

Blood Test for Glucose
Briefing by the Nutritionist

While three of us were so busy with those health tests, can anyone guess what is our little explorer doing during that half-an-hour? (sorry, no prize for this) Yes, Kit boy was very busy too, not for the test of course, but with the kiddie cabby. This was the first time we rented a kiddie cabby for him. He was very excited and was there non stop turning the steering wheel as if he’s driving a car. This kiddie cabby has kept him occupied, not only for that half-and-hour when we were having our health check but instead for the whole day untill we left 1 Utama about 5:00pm. Daddy was very happy despite having to pay RM7.00 for this kiddie cabby becaused with this helpful 'equipment', all Daddy needs to do was only pushing instead of chasing and sometimes shouting after him. lol

Out of all three, my report shows the best results from the health screening test with everything on the average side while 婆婆 was a little bit of overweight and the worst, Daddy. He was not only over weight but also high percentage in body fat (that means FAT) and what most worries me is his high blood pressure. He was advised by the Nutritionist to change his overall diet with more fruits/vege and less fatty meat. Daddy, I really hope that you will take note of this.

After we have met up with the experience Nutritionist, we then moved on for our ‘makan’ time at all the various booths set outside and also get ready our form for the stamping. Most of the Nestle food products (if not all) were there giving out food sampling.

We went from one booth to the other and tried every single type without miss (very kiasu hoh), no lah..actually we have too in order to get our form stamped. It took us almost an hour just to complete the whole circle of food sampling before moving on to the Q for the goodie bags. We were each given a big goodie bag which consist of a 'Milo' shoe bag each together with lots of samples and products' leaflets or recipes.

After we had our lunch, we continued with some shopping and bought the following items before going home for our dinner. Tiring but interesting especially the food sampling part.

A thermal type swimsuit for Kit boy from Parkson Grand and

....a pack of colourful mini forks, an egg mould and a pair of cute Panda bento strap, all at RM5.00 each from the newly opened Daiso.


  1. ya..I hv read yr post on this event too. but then I don get to spin any wheel for the number of balloons which entitled u the voucher. :C


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