I strongly believed that every mother in this world will find time passes very fast especially when seeing their darling children growing up day-by-day. 婶婶 was just telling me the other day that she felt like only yesterday she was admitted to the hospital and today, our family is gathering to celebrate little Xin Ern’s 1 year old birthday.


As usual, all our family members will gather at 爷爷家 before departing to the restaurant for dinner. I have actually forgotten the name of the restaurant that majority of us do not know the route to the restaurant except for 叔叔 (of course) and also Uncle Eric. The rest of the drivers were just tailing behind each other, including Daddy.

We arrived at the restaurant almost 8:00pm and immediately 叔叔 instructed the waiter to上菜. All the dishes served here were very much nicer as compared to those we had at Restaurant Janbo Serdang, where we celebrated Kit boy’s birthday just two weeks ago.

Mommy & Little Kit boy

At the beginning of the dinner, Kit boy was very well behaved sitting next to me trying out the dishes but right after the second dish, he insisted to get down from the baby chair and started to run here run there, sit here sit there (I mean on the floor..sigh), climbing up and down the stage and also crawling from one end to the other on the stage. And of course Mommy would be the number one victim following him wherever he goes. Luckily all the dishes came out pretty fast after one another and by 9:30pm we have already finished the last dish and moved on to the cake cutting session.

...this energetic fella

Kit boy was very happy and excited (as usual) when he saw the birthday cake. This little fella was already started ‘eye-ing’ on the cake the minute it was carried out by one of the waitress. Even when everybody was busy either singing the birthday song or snapping pictures, our little boy’s concentration was still on the birthday cake until he has got a slice in his hand. He is definitely a number one cake lover. No matter where we go, if we happen to pass by any cake shops, he will ask for it, especially Secret Recipe.

Little Xin Ern & her Daddy Mommy

Kit boy, Xin Ern & their grandparents
Can you see how concentrated is our boy 'eye-ing' on the cake and finally

...enjoying his slice of fruit cake...precious.

The dinner ended quite early and we reached home about 10:30pm.

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