The annual Motherhood Expo is here again in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 19th to 21st March 2010. Same as previous year, there are many interesting activities and contests being arranged by HareNet Communication Sdn. Bhd., the event organizer. Just to name a few, there are babies crawling competition, story telling sessions, funny face or body painting and not forgetting their two most over-whelming contest, the Mama & Baby Look-Alike contest main sponsored by Neslac Excella Gold and also Pregnant Mum Beauty Pageant by Pa & Ma. Besides, there are also various workshops being arranged.

Early this morning, after we have said good bye to those giant hot air balloons taking off from Putrajaya, we headed straight to Mid Valley Megamall; firstly to grab some offers from the fair and secondly, Mommy and Kit boy was actually one of the selected contestant for their Mama & Baby Look-Alike contest. Almost 2 months ago I have sent in a photo of myself and Kit boy to participate in this contest when I came to know about it from those parenting magazines. But only somewhere beginning of March, I received a telephone call from Ms. Ammie Chong of HareNet Communication telling me that I was one of the 20 lucky contestants. She asked for my email address and later sent me a confirmation email which needs to be presented during the registration.

We arrived at Mid Valley about 11:00am and since we are almost an hour earlier (the registration starts only at 12:00pm), we then proceed to Kit boy’s favourite section, Smart Wonder World for all those kiddy’s rides and games.

Despite we always find it very difficult to ‘pull’ him away from this ‘wonderland’, but we just love to see how our little boy enjoys himself on all those games. But surprisingly, today Kit boy was very well behaved and without much problem, we managed to carry him out and proceed to the event hall for the registration. After registration, each and every contestant was given a number tag made of cardboard to tie on our wrist. We got a lucky number 9.

The contest started at 1:00pm sharp as scheduled with all contestants being called upon to go on stage according to the running numbers. When we were up on the stage, Mommy was asked to answer this question in front of all the seated judges and also hundreds of audience… “Which part do you think that you and your boy most look-alike?” Oh…of course would our eyes and 包包脸. Mommy just need to answer one question, smile at the judges and walked down from the stage. We were asked to stay tune for the result which will be announced in half-an-hour time.

Before the result was announced at about 1:30pm, all contestants were once again called upon on the stage for a group photograph.

The grand prize winner went to a mother and daughter who dressed up in full pinkish traditional Korean clothes. I tell you, they are really fantastic and deserved to be the winner.

(I did not managed to take any picture of the grand prize winner and I got this photograph from HareNet Communication Sdn. Bhd. photo gallery)

Myself, we brought back a consolation prize which consist of a Nestle hamper (a box of Nestle Cerelac Rice & Mix Fruits, a box of Nestle Cerelac Honey-Joy, a tin of Nestle Cerelac Brown Rice and a box of Nestle Excella Gold 1+), a set of Summer baby toiletries (a bottle each of the baby powder, baby shampoo, baby lotion and baby bath) and two packs of 3M Nexcare bandages.
Overall, it only took us more or less an hour, but is really a good experience for both of us.
It is very happening in Mid Valley this weekend, really crowded, reason being is that besides this three days Motherhood Expo held in their exhibition hall, there are also having this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Tea Party in their Centre Court in conjunction with the launching of this movie.

Many parents were there cheering up for their children who took part in the coloring contest on stage while others were busy taking pictures in the ‘mini wonderland’ that full of giant mushrooms and flowers with different types of face expression.

Since it was already quite late in the afternoon and is time for our boy to take his afternoon nap, we just took some photo shots and left for home. Four of us were totally exhausted but really had a wonderful day.

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