Mak and I have planned to celebrate Kit boy's birthday one week earlier firstly because of the actual date falls on Friday which is inconvenient for our guests to attend the dinner and secondly, 小姑姐 and Uncle Eric will not be in-town from 20 March 2010 (Saturday) onwards for a short holiday.

This year we will be hosting our dinner at Restoran Janbo Serdang located at Seri Kembangan as strongly recommended by 爷爷 mainly due to their attractive menu.

Janbo is now running their 16th Anniversary Promotion with five different sets of menu and we have selected Set D which consist of the following dishes plus a free bottle of French red wine. (Top to bottom: FookChow Style "Pun Choi", FookChow Style Famous Buddha Jump Over The Wall/佛跳墙, Steamed Kelantan River Fish, Braised 六头 Abalone with Broccoli, Fried Big Fresh Prawn, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, Fried Longevity Noodle, Sea Coconut with Chinese Herb Jelly and Mini Longevity Bun)

Last but not least, the birthday cake that we have ordered since last week (at least 5 days in advance) from Secret Recipe Bandar Sungai Long outlet near our place. All their 3D design cakes are very nice and is really not an easy task to select one but luckily Mommy has already got one in mind.... the 'Choo Choo Train'.

After we have collected the 'Choo Choo Train' from Secret Recipe, we then gathered at 爷爷家 before proceed to the restaurant together and arrived at about 7:30pm. We were given a very nice, quiet and huge VIP room which can accommodate all 18 of us (inclusive of 2 kids). Little Kit boy was very excited and was happily running around in the room but I was kind of worry that he might fall and hurt himself. However, Daddy said that since today we are celebrating his 'big day', we should let our boy to enjoy himself too instead of restricting him from doing this and that, like what Mommy usually does.

Our dinner ended around 10:30pm and after sending 二姑姐 and Uncle Jonathan back to Ampang, we reached home at about 11:30pm. We were all very tired, especially our little birthday boy who has already gone into his dreamland the minute we got in the car. Many many happy moments were captured using my ever trusted Canon 450D which we bought it last year mainly to take pictures of our boy during his one year old birthday celebration......precious.


  1. Hi Jenny! Wow! What a wonderful blog! I'm so happy to see so many pretty pictures of you and of course yr cute boy + "bigger boy" too! Thanks so much for the card... Am getting older and none wiser... Take care & have a nice weekend! Mel.

  2. Mel: I'm so glad to receive yr sweet comment and really thanks for dropping by my blog. I hv already added your blog into my list. Hope to keep in touch with you from 'here', besides FB. You too, take care & hv a nice 'B' celebration.


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