Daddy said that he needs to attend a seminar this evening and Mommy was asked to pick up little Kit boy from grandma's house for today. Due to this, I left the office quite sharp and managed to reach home rather early. So with the good weather, Mommy suggested going to the night market and we (Mommy and 婆婆) went before fetching Kit boy from grandma's house, ie…. we went without the naughty fella :P

Even though we were there only for a short half-an-hour but we managed to grab many things from the night market. Besides food and vegetables, this lovely 婆婆 also bought a toy Dump Truck for Kit boy. We negotiated with the seller and managed to reduce the selling price from RM20+ to RM13.00. Kit boy really likes his dump truck very much as we can see him smiling from ear to ear when we show it to him while on the way home. He even wanted to open the plastic in the car but I told him nicely that I’ll only open for him when we reach home.

He always sees children playing with dump truck (I mean in his Barney & Friends VCD). This dump truck actually came together with a spade but Kit boy still preferred to use his little hand to grab the ‘rubbish’ (his magnetic ABCs) and load into the dump truck, push it over and start unloading everything (his magnetic ABCs) into the DUSTBIN…sigh. But then later, I gave him another ‘dustbin’ (a plastic container) for him to unload his 'trash'.

He was quietly playing with his new truck until time to bed and he even asked to bring his truck up to his bedroom.

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