Today Mommy took a day off mainly to bring Kit boy to the clinic as his fever is still on and off since Tuesday night despite after taken the 'standby' medicine. Actually Mommy did bring Kit boy to the clinic the next morning but unfortunately Dr. Yek was on emergency off on Wednesday and Thursday and will only be back on Friday. Even though there is another doctor on duty relieving Dr. Yek but kiasi Mommy still preferred Dr. Yek.

Mommy went to the clinic for registration about 8:00am and after seeing Dr. Yek, we brought Kit boy for a hair cut at the usual Indian barber shop. I was actually quite worried whether I could handle my boy without Daddy around because this little fella will always start making noise when Mr. Barber is half way thru.

But surprisingly this morning Kit boy was very very well behaved and he can even sit there all by his own without me carrying him like what Daddy normally does. He just sat there quietly until Mr. Barber finished his job perfectly. 婆婆 then told Mommy that even the last time when Daddy brought Kit boy here for a hair cut before Chinese New Year, Kit boy is already very well behaved. Seems like our little Kit boy is now 'big boy' already and I' m really proud of him.


  1. Thanks Sarah's Daddy and Mommy. Hopefully this will continue. You


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