All this while Daddy use to do his work in the living hall, sitting in front of the TV with his laptop placed on the coffee table. But recently he can't. Why? all because of our little Kit boy who also wanted his hands on the laptop too. And since then, our poor Daddy will have to wait till Kit boy when to bed before he can actually start doing his work.

But effective from today, Daddy's problem will be solved. Reason being... Kit boy will be very busy with his 'OWN' laptop which we received from Mr. Postman today, at last. Somewhere middle of last month, we received the redemption catalogue for Year 2010 from the bank and when Daddy was browsing through the catalogue, he saw this Asder Talking Notebook Inspiration and immediately Daddy asked Mommy to redeem it for Kit boy. Despite this is only suitable for kids above 3 years old but Daddy still wanted to make the redemption using 30,000 accummulated points just hoping that our little explorer will leave him alone when he is rushing for his office assignment and Daddy wish was granted.

Kit boy was very excited with his new notebook despite he still do not know how to use it. He only knew how to switch it on and off and also to play some music. After going through the Operating Manual, I would say that this Asder Talking Notebook Inspiration is quite a good educational tool. Besides teaches language and math, there are also activities and various types of worksheets which related to common sence, music and etc. And all it needed is only a few AAA bateries. But there are always good and bad of everything and the disadvantages of this (for me) would be the screen seems to be too small. You will understand what I mean when you scroll down to look at the last picture.

Can you see the screen? And now you know what I mean? However, the most important is, it has already served the purpose, as long as Daddy is concerned. Kit boy is now sitting side-by-side with his Daddy, busy 'going-thru' his new 'toy' while Daddy happily completing his work without any interuption from his darling boy. Anyhow, I wish Daddy all the best and let see how long it can 'last'. Again you all know what I mean?


  1. Had the same prob like ur hub too, but not my elder gal in fact the small one.

    I also have to wait them sleep only can go online..

  2. Ya..all little ones are like tat. I think is all becos of curiousity or maybe they just wanna to follow what we adults do.


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