To me, there is nothing to talk about as it passes almost the same every year. As usual, before the day, will be very very busy cleaning, washing, shopping, going from bank to bank asking for new notes and etc...and when the day comes... will be eating, watching TV, eating, sleeping, eating, gambling, eating, visiting and continue eating.

But for my little Kit boy, that would be another story altogether. I can really see how he has enjoyed himself during this Chinese New Year. First of all, this year he gets to eat all the nice food, biscuits, junk food, icy drinks or whatever you name it as compared to last year when he is still too young for all this. Secondly was of course he could followed where ever his Daddy and Mommy goes, either visiting relatives or shopping.
Kit boy in his first traditional suit
(Thanks to my colix, TMY for helping me to get this all the way from China)

Who's pet is this?
Well, she is 二姑姐's pet dog, Angelina and also Kit boy's good 'friend'

Can you see how patience our boy is when feeding his good friend? Kit boy was not afraid of Angelina at all and even placed the dog biscuit on his little hand to feed.

And play time

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