I was told by one of my MP forum buddies that there will be a Barney show in 1 Utama New Wing this weekend and I was so excited over this as my boy is absolutely a big fan of Barney and Friends. Since daddy is having a seminar to attend, so I have decided bringing Kit boy together with 婆婆 to 1 Utama to meet up with Barney and Friends today.

As usual, we arrived at 1 Utama very early about 11:00am and without wasting much time, we procced straight to the Information Counter at the New Wing to check out the exact location of the show but to my surprise, I was told that there isn't any Barney show today and after checking through their programme list several times, the Customer Services officer confirmed that there is only the on-going Nickelodeon Roadshow instead of Barney show for December 2009. At that point of time, I was very dissapointed.

However, since we were already there, we went over to have a look at the Nickelodeon Roadshow as mentioned by the officer and found that it is also an event organized for kids. There were tables neatly arranged for children to do colouring, interactive games and others activities too. According to the programe list, there is also the Meet & Greet session with some of the Nickelodeon characters such as Dora the Explorer, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, Happy Goat & Wolffy, Big Big Wolf and more. Anyway, we did not see any of them as we were there only for a short half-an-hour before we go for our lunch. Kit boy was very excited, not over those interactive games but the colouring section. Each kid is given a piece of paper with pre-printed cartoon characters to do the colouring. Both crayons and colour pencils were provided too.

Despite there was no Barney, but my boy has enjoyed himself very much. So, is still worth a trip.

* Don't worry buddy, I understand that you also obtain the information from someone else. Instead I should thank you for sharing information with us in the forum.


  1. So cute lah, Kit sucking on his pacifier while drawing:-)

  2. Yalah, don know why that day he just refused to let go his 'zut zut' and this is the first time he is sucking his pacifier in public.


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