Children attack by mosquitos is a very common thing which I believed it would happened to all children, especially babies and toddlers. Kit boy too has been attacked by mosquitos many many times. But this time round, Kit boy looks really cute after being attacked by mosquitos untill Mommy can't wait to post it here. You must be wondering why do I say so... ??? Well, the mosquito has actually bitten my poor boy's ears, on the same spot and on BOTH ears (besides his legs) causes it to swell looking like an elf. Maybe not as pointed as an elf's ear but was obviously outstanding.


  1. I hate mosquitoes too.

    And for Sarah, I will applied the Johnson mozzie lotion (which only available in Singapore) whenever she goes places that has bushes or plants. It worked pretty well!

  2. Ya..Johnson mozzie lotion, I heard bout it before and so far the comment I received on this product is good. But unforturnately is only available in Singapore. I now use the Buds Mozzie Lotion which smell like 'heung mao', also ok far so good. better than nothing loh hehehe


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