‘The Chipmunks’!! I wonder the Chipmunks are here to visit their ‘fans’ in Malaysia to promote their latest movie “Alvin And The Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel” or is just a theme for decorating the shopping mall inconjuction with the movie which will be in cinema on Christmas eve? When I came to know this from the newspaper, I was rather excited and can’t wait to bring Kit boy to meet up with these ever famous Chipmunks despite our boy is not one of their ‘fans’.

Since Mines Shopping Centre is located not far away from where we stayed, we decided to go only after Kit boy had his porridge and taken his bath later in the afternoon about 3:00pm despite the fact that we will have to miss Alvin and the Chipmunks appearance on stage.

However, here’s the Christmas decoration in the Mines Shopping Centre with the theme “A Chipmunks Christmas”.

There was a singing contest going-on too when we arrived and all these little contestants were beautifully dressed up while performing their skill on the stage. Of course we did not stay tune till the announcement of winners, but for me, all of them were so good and I believed that the judges will have a tough time to select the winner.

We then moved on to Kit boy’s favourite section (no prize for guessing). Instead of going for the kiddie rides, as usual, he will proceed straight the Percussion Kids machine. Seeing how our boy enjoys himself with the drum, is really worth the time spent despite standing for hours.

Look at this, priceless.

We left Mines Shopping Centre after some window shopping at about dinner time.

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