Chinese New Year is just around the corner and most of the shopping centres have already decorated their malls beautifully with different themes especially those major one. But we have yet to visit anyone of them. So today, Mommy decided to kick start our plan to visit as many shopping malls as possible and the first destination would be Cheras Leisure Mall. We arrived at Cheras LeisureMall about 11:30 am.

PINK is the predominant colour and theme for this year's celebrations in Cheras Leisure Mall decorated with beautiful spring flowers and huge pink lanterns presenting a perfect setting for the occasion especially when Valentine's Day is also falls on the first day of Chinese New Year, coincidentally. Kit boy was really facsinated by those lanterns and kept pointing at them.

Meanwhile, the bridge linking both sides of the mall are also stands out with its attactive decoration.

But what most attracts our little explorer was those animated pictures that were being projected on the floor to catch the attention of passes-by or maybe I should say.... kids. The pictures will changed every few minutes. Our little explorer together with many other toddlers and kids too were happily chasing after those moving objects and trying very hard to 'step' on them. You can really see them enjoying themself.

Picture: Juices with moving Lips
Picture: Night Skyline with moving stars (Left)
Chinse New Year Wishes with moving Dollar sign (Right)
Besides all the kiosks selling various types of goodies and a wide range of cookies by leading confectioners, this year Cheras LeisureMall, like some others major shopping mall, has created four specially designed Ang-Pow packets for this Year of Tiger inspiring the chinese new year greetings such as 'Nian Nian You Yu ', 'Xi Que Deng Mei', 'Jin Hu Yin Chun' and 'Song He Chang Chun' in auspicious colours of red, pink, yellow and orange. With a minimum of RM200 spend from any of the participating outlet, shoppers will be entitled to these Ang-Pow packets for free. Mommy did bought a few packs of Mommy PokoPants for Kit boy from Giant but because the total amount spent was below their minimum requirement, Mommy only entitled to two packs of Ang-Pow packets from Giant and also two RM10.00 Sukae Sushi vouchers.

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