The Disney Hoopla Stars Roadshow organized by Dutch Lady is now in town and this morning as early as 11:00am, mommy, daddy together with 婆婆 already arrived at 1 Utama bringing our little explorer to participate in this event. With every purchase of any Dutch Lady products above RM20.00 will entitles Kit boy to take part in their activities arranged for children from 1 year old onwards. Since our little boy is not consuming any of the Dutch Lady products, mommy has choosen to buy 3 packs of fresh milk (6 in a pack) amounting to RM20.95 in order for Kit boy to go for the games.

Altogether there were 4 difference types of activity and after each and every activity completed, a stamp will be given. Kit boy will have to finish all the four activities and collect all the four stamps in order for him to win a prize. And here he goes...firstly, matching Handy Mandy's helpful Tools to its shadow accordingly and for this activity, actually mommy was the one who took out the Tools board, passed it to little Kit boy and pointed at the right shadow for Kit boy to do the sticking. Secondly, Kit boy will have to dig out one musical instrument and play it. Well, for this one, he did it all by himself. Even the third activity, Kit boy did it prety well with the help from the prety 姐姐. But when came to the last activity which is the puzzle, due to Kit boy is too young for this, it was actually completed by those prety 姐姐 again (daddy failed to take any pictures of Kit boy during the last activity). Well, that's how my little chicky boy completed all his tasks and......

........ won himself a set of this Hot Dog Math board game that looks very interesting but Kit boy is still young for us to introduce him this type of board games. Maybe I would keep it nicely in the storeroom till he grow older.

Besides, we also got the following goodies from the roadshow (Mickey Mouse hat, Higgly Town Heroes sticker and Playhouse Disney Learning Adventure activities book) .

It is very tiring but I must say is worth the time spent to see how our boy exploring to new things and taking part in public activities. Also a good chance for him to mix around with other children. Thanks to Dutch Lady for organizing such a meaningful event.

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