Kitboy had french fries for the very first time on 31 October at A&W and ever since then, french fries has become one of his favourite snacks. Nowadays when we asked this little fella "Kitboy, 你要不要去 McDonald 吃 french fries?" for sure he will nod his head. He will also do the same as and when he sees this ever popular big 'M' advertisement on the tv screen. And since then also our smart daddy has came out with the following..

Kitboy: (very naughty or started to bawl/cry)
Daddy: "Kitboy, 你不要玩皮, 要听话..爸爸没有做工, 带你去 McDonald 吃 french fries, 好不好?"

Kitboy: (will stop crying almost immediately and nod his head)

Since daddy had made such promisses, it is a must for us to deliver it. So today we brought Kitboy to McDonald at Jusco Cheras Selatan. We actually wanted to go Leisure Mall as the McDonald outlet over there is much more spacious but unfortunately parkings were all full. We ordered two sets of McLunch Value Meal and of course a set of Happy Meal for little Kitboy. The Happy Meal normally comes together with a toy and for this time round, I have choosen the keyboard from their current 'Beat Star' range. Looking at the way how our boy enjoyed his favourite snack really priceless.

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