Daddy’s company has organized a Family Day event at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park on Sunday and all employees under the Equipment Division are invited to go together with their immediate family members (spouse and children only). Despite daddy has just joined the company recently in October 2009, we were also entitled to attend without any cost incurred except for 婆婆 that daddy will have to pay RM90.00 for an additional Adult entrance ticket in order for 婆婆 to enjoy the same package as ours which inclusive of meal coupon for packed breakfast and also RM20.00 meal voucher besides the entrance ticket. A day before, 婆婆 and mommy have already started packing whatever needed for the trip as we need to leave the house very early the next day at about 7:00am.

We arrived at Sunway Hotels & Resorts main entrance at about 8:30am and after taking a few photo shots, we proceed straight to the registration counter where all attendees are required to register their attendance before entering into the theme park. The whole event was being held at Sunway Surf Beach starting from 9:15am with speeches given by the respective heads of the company and followed by various types of tele-match with a few lucky draw sessions in between. We did not participated in any of the tele-match but were very busy taking turns to run after our little explorer who was so fascinated especially when comes to the man-made surf beach. This would be the first time Kit boy came in touch with sands despite he has seen it many times in his Baby Bumble Bee VCD. He loves walking on the sands and even destroyed some sand castles built by other children. There were a few times where this little fella was trying to go near to the water but because he has just recovered from flu, me and Mak has decided not to go for any water activities even though we know that our dearest Kit boy will definitely loves it very much.

We stayed around at the surf beach till end of the event about 11:00am and we then proceed to the Wildlife Interative Zoo. There were not many animals in the so called ‘zoo’ as we expected but it is good enough to show our boy those animals that he is familiar with like the various types of birds, monkeys, crocodiles, tigers and others. Kit boy was very excited seeing those animals in real and kept pointing at them especially the monkeys. Besides, there is also a pond of beautiful koi fishes that attracts many visitors stopping by to take some memorable shots.

After that we moved on to the World of Adventure with those fun and thrilling rides like the Tiger Adventure, Pirate’s Revenge, The Cave, Tomahawk and others but we did not ride on any of them except for the Apache Pots that we can bring Kit boy along with us and thought that this could be an opportunity for Kit boy to experience it. End results, I think Kit boy is still too young for this type of ‘big kids’ rides as our poor boy was really ‘thrill’ by the ride and was crying till the pot stopped turning. So, that was the first and also the last ride that we had for the day.

Well, since it was already lunch time, daddy suggested going for lunch and I actually have forgotten the name of the restaurant that we had our lunch but that is the one and the only restaurant with air-condition. We ordered two cups of mushroom soup, a plate of Yang Chow fried rice for 婆婆, hot plate yee mee for myself and black pepper chicken for daddy. 婆婆’s fried rice came with some prawn crackers and were all walloped by our little Kit boy. After using the meal vouchers amounting to RM80.00, we only need to top up a little for the yummylicious lunch. The food here tasted quite good and pricing are reasonable too. We left the theme park after lunch and proceed to Sunway Pyramid for some window shopping before going back to our home-sweet-home for a good rest.

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