Kit boy is turning to 18 months by end of this month and therefore, it is time to change his formula milk from current, EnfaPro A+ to one step higher....EnfaGrow A+. So on the 25th of August 2009, I started to change his formula milk with just one serving a day out of four for the first 3 days according to the standard timetable for changing of formula milk provided by Mead Johnson. From the fourth to sixth day, the number of feedings per day will be increased to two and continue to increase the number of feedings slowly till it has been fully changed.

Meanwhile, at the same time we will have to closely obseve on any possible side effects due to changing of formula milk especially his poo poo as to see if this new formula milk is suitable for him. Luckily everything went on quite smoothly except that our boy was a little choosy over the taste of milk which we started off with the Original flavor. However, after much advice from my dearest MP forum friends especially Angel, I let Kit boy to try out the Vanila flavor and bingo.....Kit boy loves it very much and able to 'bottoms-up' on every feeds. Thanks Angel and other MP mommies for the recommendation. And as at today, little Kit boy has successfully moved on to another step higher of formula milk and is now fully on his favourite vanila flavor of ENFAGROW A+.


  1. Oh little Kit boy is so cute in the blog header! It's a nice blog to read. Cheers :-)

  2. Hi Dora, first of all, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have also visited your blog and baby XJ is so cute and chubby. And I can see you like scrapbooking too.

  3. yeah I love doing scrapbooking but hope I can do it more advance if time permitted

  4. too. I love scrapbooking but as you said, lack of time too. I plan to do one scrapbook (manual) for my little boy putting in photos of his first meal, first bath, first toy and etc. Really hope later I can find time to do it.


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