As at today, Kit boy can actually recognized most of the animals that I have been showing and reading to him all this while. I must say that with the current varieties of educational tools selling in the market, it has actually helps us parents a lot easier in teaching our little ones especially at such young age. And the following are some of the helpful kits that I have used to teach my boy.

I started off with playing the Brainy Baby Animals VCD every morning for Kit boy before sending him off to his grandma's house and every night before bedtime, I'll go through the selected animal flash cards (only those animals that appeared in the VCD) with him in order to refresh his memories of what he has watched/learned in the morning. Then will followed by colourful books for him to flip through by himself. And during the weekends, I'll play some games with him using either the animal puzzle or the animal fridge magnet. And today, those animals that Kit boy is familiar with are cat, rabbit, bear, dog, monkey, lion, hen, tiger, duck, cow, giraffe, frog, horse and squirrel. Normally I'll like to test him by picking up two pieces of flash cards and asked Kit boy to take or point out the one that I read out loud. For example tonight, I have picked up the monkey and cat flash cards and asked Kit boy to choose the cat and this was not the first time that he managed to point out the correct one. Maybe I should start adding on more types of animal or even a new group of words.


  1. Wow! Great improvement! Know all the animals already!

  2. i loved playing with flash cards.

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

  3. Totally agree that we shld start nurturing our kids to read at young age. I started to read some very basic words to baby now & thinking to buy some flash cards soon.

    Happy Holiday!

  4. Yes Dora, flash cards are very good education tools especially for the younger ones like bb XJ. I also started introducing flash card to Kit boy when he was around 5-6 months old which I considered quite late. You can even start it earlier.

  5. Hi SJ. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, I hv visited your blog too and I find it very interesting to read as the content is very unit.


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