Measurement shall be taken when Kit boy goes for his DTP/Polio/HIB/Hepatitis B (6-in-1) booster jab next week.

Measurement shall be taken when Kit boy goes for his DTP/Polio/HIB/Hepatitis B (6-in-1) booster jab next week.

Teeth (Total 14)
Top - Two central incisors, two lateral incisors, two first molars and two cuspid (fast appearing)
Bottom - Two central incisors, two lateral incisors and two first molars

Motor Skills
(a)No longer crawling but walking pretty fast and stable.

(b) Loves walking by his own without us holding his hands especially when we are out to shopping mall or park. Sometimes we still managed to get him to sit in the shopping trolley.

(c) Can lead us to places that he wants to go for example, he will ask us to carry him by raising both hands high up in front of you and once he is being carried, he will then start pointing to the direction or where ever he wanted to go. And if we were to go somewhere else, the little fella will start making noice.

(d) Still playing with things that he is not supposed to but much lesser as compared to few months back as he has started to understand and follow certain instructions given.

(e) Able to put on his own cap.

(f) Able to switch on and off the lights or any other switches.

(g) Able to hold and drink water from his Avent training cup by his own.

(h) Will hold the bottle himself when drinking milk instead of mommy holding it for him.

Communication & Social Skills
Kit boy has learned to associate certain action with certain object and sometimes imitating what we do, for example:

(a) He always wanted to get hold of pens or pencils and started writing on paper (if he is given one) or else, he will start scrabbling on our books, magazines, on the floor or anywhere he could think off… even on the dustbin lid……sigh. In order to avoid all this messiness and also to promote his interest in writing, I have actually bought him an Aqua Doodle mat from World of Cartoon in Sunway Pyramid (this was also highly recommended by my MP forum friends…thanks buddies). The unique part of this Aqua Doodle mat is the enclosed pen that uses water as refill instead of ink.

(b) He will take the telephone receiver or his daddy’s huge calculator and put it to his ear pretending talking on the phone.

(c) Pretend eating his toy vegetables (freebies from the recent EnfaGrow A+ promotion, the Cut, Count and Learn set and I only managed to collect 4 out of 6 sets).

(d) Imitating the way his daddy flipping and reading the newspaper and/or recipe books.

(e) Still unable to communicate in simple words except for “car, Kok (his nephew’s name) and ker (for motorcycle). Have checked with Dr. Yek on this and according to him, it is normal for a boy to start talking at a later stage as compared to a girl and as long as he understand what we said or follow certain instructions given, it will be alright.

(f) Know how to give us a ‘kiss’ on our cheeks when we asked for it. (However, is still depends on this little fella’s mood…sometimes he will just ignore you or pretending not to know).

As mentioned in my earlier post, Kit boy has successfully changed his formula milk from EnfaPro A+ to one step higher, EnfaGrow A+ (Vanilla flavour) since beginning of this month. And in terms of food, despite we have yet to introduce rice to him, Kit boy is already eating most of the food that we take.

Food: Broccoli, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, fish, chicken, tomato, egg, raisin and tau fu

Fruit: Gold kiwi, apple and banana

Favourite Food: Biscuit, bread, cheese and mee.


  1. I'm wondering why all growing kids love to pretend talking on the phone?... Glad to see little Kit Boy is progressing well!

  2. Ya..almost all kids are like that :D


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