When Kit boy was only six months old, I bought him his first Barney VCD titled "Barney More Songs" from Carrefour but during that time, he shown no interest on Barney at all instead preferred his favourite Baby BumbleBee Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder series and therefore, I have stopped buying any Barney VCDs for him since then. I am still not quite too sure if it was because of my boy has bored with those series of Baby BumbleBee VCD after so many months repeatedly watching it or he has grown up and started to like cartoons, Kit boy has fall in love with Barney & Friends and has became a fan of Barney since few months back. Kit boy will make sure I play his Barney VCD for him right after he has finished his milk every morning before we send him to grandma's house and if we happened to play any other VCDs other than his Barney, he will continue sitting in front of the VCD player and starts making noise.
I think it is time to buy him more Barney VCDs and I have decided to make use of the RM20.00 Jusco gift voucher that we have won from the MumCentre "Pic of Week" on-line contest to buy some Barney VCDs for Kit boy instead of toys. And after going through the whole rack of Barney VCDs, I have selected the following two.

(1) Barney Just Imagine
(2) Barney Colourful World Lives!

Kit boy loves watching his new Barney VCD very much especially the Barney Just Imagine and even myself find it very interesting just after a few times watching it together with my little boy. I am sure very soon Kit boy will have his own collections of Barney VCDs.


  1. Glad to heard kit boy start love Barney.

    What a coincident, we also have tis Barney Colourful World Live VCD :D

  2. Another Barney fans..There are so many Barney VCDs, I guess mommy will have to spent quite a lot of money in buying them for Kit. Hehe.

    We normally buy those pirated DVD for Sarah, and it saves up a lot of money.

  3. Yes Suhar, tis Barney Colourful World Live is a live show. I wonder if one day Barney will have such Live show in Malaysia.

  4. Ya Sarah's Daddy and Mommy, Barneys DVD is not cheap and maybe I should learn from you to get it from morning market instead.

  5. Hi, thanks for visitin my blog. Ya.. kids love Barney. I must say this is a good educational tools for kids. My girl is a big fans of Barney too.


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