27 JULY 2009, MONDAY

With the current promotion running, Mommy went to buy a bottle of the Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil 400ml (Orange flavor) for Kit boy today and expected to receive a free utility bag, but then instead of one, Mommy was given THREE; each of every colour. Mommy was like "...are you sure giving me three?" and the sales girl actually replied..... "Oh, why not, free gift is always First Come First Serve While Stock Last anyway". And now Mommy truely understand why sometimes we do not get our free gift. So, if anyone of you intend to buy anything that comes with free gift, my advice to you is better act fast WHILE STOCK LAST.


  1. I also bought 1 bottle of scott's emulsion last week and only given 1 free bag.

  2. Does Kit likes Cod Liver Oil? I thought to buy one for Sarah but afraid she doesnt like it.

  3. Hi, Sarah's Daddy and Mommy, maybe you can try getting the orange flavor one for Sarah cos it taste much better that the original flavor. I am sure Sarah will like it too.


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