Kit boy has been drinking EnfaPro A+ formula milk after he has switched from Wyeth S26 Gold when he was about 6 months old. And for another two more months to go, Kit boy will be moving on to a step higher from EnfaPro A+ to EnfaGrow A+ (Step 3 for Year 1-3).

But feedbacks gathered from some of Mommy's friends whose child are also drinking Enfa was that this formula milk is quite heaty as compared to EnfaPro A+. Therefore, Mommy has actually started looking into alternatives by requesting for samples of formula milk from various companies, just in case. And here are some of the samples of formula milk that Mommy received upon request except for the tin of PediaSure that Mommy got it as door gift from a seminar.

Besides receiving the samples of Sustagen Junior 1 formula milk this afternoon, Mommy also received a Welcome letter from MeadJohnson together with some freebies for joining the Susta Club Membership.

And the welcome kits consist of a Gift Redemption 2009 catalogue, a fridge magnet, a car sticker, gift vouchers and some leaflets. Thanks to MeadJohnson.

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