Kit boy had his Pneumococcal booster jab taken this morning. This would be his final Pneumococcal jab and before this, Kit boy has already been given 3 doses altogether. He had the first two jabs last year on 04 October 2008 and 06 December 2008 followed by the third dose on 14 February 2009. Each jab cost us RM280.00 and that totalled up to RM1,120.00 inclusive of this booster jab to protect my precious boy from the Pneumococcal disease which Mommy would say is definitely worth the price. Mommy googled and found more information about this Pneumococcal disease.

What is Pneumococcal Disease? Pneumococcal diseases are actually infections caused by the bacterium known as pneumococcus. It is a group of serious infections that occurs most commonly in children, particularly those under 2 years of age. These pneumococcus bug can cause Meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain or spinal cord), Bacteraemia (blood infection), Pneumonia (lungs infection), as well as Otitis Media (middle ear infection).

How serious is Pneumococcal Disease? It can be very serious that cause permanent hearing loss, brain damage and even death. Besides, it can impact the quality of life for a child and the entire family. There are many cases being reported through various media whereby parents have lost their beloved children due to these deadly diseases.

Well, let's come back to our little boy who was so eager to step into the clinic for all the toys particularly the indoor slide. Since we were the first and only patient there at that point of time, Mommy does not hesitate allowing this little fella to walk and crawled on the floor freely as Mommy knows that the floor has already been mopped by the nurse before the clinic is opened. As usual, the nurse will measure Kit boy's height and weight and update it on his Growth Chart before consultation.

Even during the routine check up, Kit boy has started bawling and cried out loudly the minute the jab was given, but that was only for a very short while. Dr. Yek said that Kit boy's weight and height is ok with a slight increase measuring at 10.59kg and 84cm respectively. And our next appointment would be approximately two months from now for the DPT/Polio/HIB and Meningitis booster jab. Meanwhile, Daddy also took the opportunity to check with the doctor if we can introduce rice to our boy and Dr. Yek advised us not to start now as it is still too early for Kit boy to take in rice. After payment was made, I requested for samples of EnfaGrow A+ formula milk since Kit boy will be moving up to one step higher from his current EnfaPro A+ and it was so nice of the nurse to give me 8 sachets of the EnfaGrow A+ formula milk together with a bottle of the fever syrup for stand-by.

Kit boy still developed mild fever (@ 37.5°C) on the next day even after Mommy has given him one time of the medicine right after the jab which Mommy normally practiced. However, Kit boy was fully recovered on the following day and was as active as before.

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  1. hi jenny, the pneumococcal vacine u gav Kit boy not include meningitis?? I hear that there is 4 in 1 jab is included this pneumo n meningitis??


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