19 JULY 2009, SUNDAY

On Thursday when Mommy was cleaning Kit boy's hands and legs to prepare him for bedtime, Mommy saw a few red spots on his hands and legs. Immediately Mommy gave him a thorough checked up and noticed that even his body has some red spots too. Since Dr. Yek's clinic is not open on Thursday night, we brought Kit boy to see Dr. Shamsher Singh at Poliklinik Pertama as advised by Daddy. After checked up, we were told that Kit boy is either having chicken pox or just some skin allergies.

However, Mommy is still worries and decided to take a day off and bring Kit boy to see Dr. Yek the next morning, hoping that Kit boy is just having some skin allergies instead of chicken pox so that Mommy wouldn't need to take any extra days off but was shocked to be informed that Kit boy was suspected of having this Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) if not the normal skin allergies, instead of chicken pox. However, at that point of time, Dr. Yek said that it is still too early to confirm as not many symptoms surfaced. Therefore, Mommy was asked to observe Kit boy for these coming two days and should we encountered any ulcers in his mouth, we will have to bring him back to see Dr. Yek immediately.

Meanwhile, Kit boy was given a bottle of medicine for skin allergies and also lotion to apply on those red spots.

For the past two days, Mommy has tried all ways to convince Kit boy to open his little mouth for me to check if there is any ulcers popping out as mentioned by Dr. Yek. Besides, Mommy also closely monitored on his body temperature.

Even though there is no ulcers being spotted so far, except for the two top pre-molars that are cutting out through his gums, my worries still persist until this morning when Dr. Yek confirmed that our boy was just having normal skin allergies that could be due to the current haze instead of HFMD as suspected earlier. Only by then, you can see smile on Mommy's face and also a good night sleep before going back to work this coming Monday.

For your information, presently there is no specific effective drug (medicine) and vaccine available for the treatment of HFMD. Only symptomatic treatment will be given to provide relief from fever, aches or pain from the mouth ulcers and the speed of recovery will solely depends on the child’s own immune system. Therefore, I personally find that it is very important to boost up your child’s immune system as least to reduce the chances of being infected by diseases.


  1. I can imagine how concerned you are. Our Samuel had HFMD when he was 8mths old. The enterovirus 71 for HFMD is very potent here and has killed many babies during the outbreak. Samuel's mouth & throat has ulcers & totally refused any form of food or liquid. It was so heartbreaking to force him with some liquid. Yes, up to date, there is no medication for HFMD. Over here, its either the babies makes it or they dont.

    Trust in God and pray. He was and is our only hope and we thank Him for miraculously healing Samuel overnight. Will share some photos of Samuel before & after he recovered next time :)

  2. Hi Alvin, yes..I was totally blank when Dr. told me that my boy was suspected of having this HFMD.

    Sorry to hear that Samuel had such a painful experience and thanks to GOD that Samuel recovered overnight. How I hope that there will be a vaccination to prevent children from this suffering disease.

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