27 JULY 2009, MONDAY

Mommy was very happy to receive Kit boy's first pair of HelloYaya soft-sole shoe by courier today from
Mommy Angel. Thanks Angel for all the efforts to send me this lovely pair of shoe. Mommy has chosen this Red Football design due to, firstly, the colour of red to match most of Kit boy's clothes and secondly, he loves ball very much.

Kit boy actually already has a pair of shoe that 婆婆 bought for him from World of Cartoon when he celebrated one year old birthday but this little fella just refused to walk after wearing it. Therefore, Mommy has to get him a pair of soft sole shoe as strongly recommended by fellow friends and hopefully with this new type of shoe will help and encourage him to walk with shoe on and we can then hold his little hand to go shopping very soon.


  1. nice shoes :)

    I got an award for u:

  2. Thanks Suhar. I am very happy to receive this awards from you and this are the first rewards I received. Thanks again Suhar.

  3. Hai Jenny

    It is a great choice of colour. I am sure it looks good on Kit.

    Does he likes it?

  4. Hi Sarah's Daddy and Mommy, yes..I am very happy that Kit boy likes it very much and willing to walk with it. I actually intend to get him another pair of soft-soled shoe.


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