19 JULY 2009, SUNDAY

At 10.44kg – measurement was taken during Kit boy’s last visit to Dr. Yek on 17 July 2009 when he was suspected of having the HFMD but actually he was just got a little skin allergies that caused those red spots.

At 84cm – measurement was also taken during Kit boy’s last visit to Dr. Yek.

Total 11 with:
Top - Two central incisors, two lateral incisors and two first molar (cutting out)
Bottom - Two central incisors, two lateral incisors and one first molar (cutting out)

Motor Skills

Nowadays he preferred to walk more than crawl and most of the time he can walk prety fast looking as if he is running.

  1. Everytime when I play the Barney DVD, he will starts dancing and sometimes will also tried to follow the steps.
  2. Kit boy loves to turn the radio on and off repeatedly when he sits infront at the passenger seat. He will even claps his hands everytime he turned the radio on.
  3. Knows how to get up and sit on his MyDear sport tolocar (pushcar) all by his own.
  4. Able to differenciate and use the correct remote control to switch on either the air-cond or DVD.

Communication & Social Skills

  1. Calling his daddy, po po, myself and also 'mei mei' in his own way.
  2. Can recognized most of the animals either on the flash cards or in his Baby BumbleBee dvd.
  3. Will cover one side of the ear using his hand as and when we said 'someone' will scold scold when he behave naughty.


  1. Yes, only recently Kit boy started to like Barney. Currently I only have one Barney VCD and intend to get more for him, but do not know which one to buy cos there are so many.


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