MOMBABY '宝宝二连拍' 有奖竞赛

MOMBABY (妈妈宝宝) - JULY 2009 ISSUE

Yesterday Mommy received an email with no subject heading from an unknown person. Normally Mommy will not bother to read such junk mail and will just click 'Delete' but surprisingly not for this one. Luckily Mommy did not delete it off because this email was actually sent by the Careliner of Today Publishing informing that Kit boy was one of the winners for the '宝宝二连拍' 有奖竞赛 and will be published in the MomBaby (妈妈宝宝) July 2009 issue . Seems like this little fella has won himself two prizes this week and this would be his third appearance in a magazine.

The photos submitted

The email received on 24 June 2009
Published in MomBaby July 2009 Issue

...and the prize

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