Mommy hopes that we are still not too late to wish everyone a Happy "Horse" Year despite today is already the seventh day of the lunar new year. 

Our "一家四口" family portrait
 Actually nothing much to update on our Chinese New Year celebration as it was quite routine every year.  As usual after weeks of preparation and spring cleaning, we normally kick start the new year with a very scrumptious family reunion dinner prepared full heartedly by the grandparents on the Eve and will then followed by chitchatting, jokes and laughter, non-stop snacking on all those once a year cookies and putting on weight without realizing, taking family photos to show the growing not only in the number of family members but also our age and last but not least, watching our kids having so much fun with their cousins, nephews even pets (dogs) were priceless.  

Out of so many 'professional' shots taken by Daddy, Mommy selected only the following to share.

祝大家马力全开, 马到成功, 心想事成, 恭喜发财. 


22 November 2013, Friday

This is one of the many back dated posts that Mommy is going to upload here slowly but surely one by one. 

Since six months back in May 2013, little Kit boy is no longer the 'little' one in our family (ie. the youngest) reason being his status has then been upgraded to a Big Brother after Mommy gave birth to Little Wai boy.  

Little Wai boy @ 4th Month

Now with his little brother around, not only that he has a very good and obedient (quietly listening to what he said) companion to play with but also added new responsibility as a Big Brother at home.  

During Mommy's maternity month, Kit boy was consistently being reminded that he is now a Big Brother and hence, he needs to behave like one; for example no jumping around in the house (in case he knocks the little one), no shouting in the house especially when 弟弟 is sleeping, no toys scattered around and etc. But despite all these reminders, Kit boy has never complain instead he is quite well behaved.  And this is all about love.  We all can see.... Kit boy loves his little brother very much.

Brothers' Love - Priceless!!

..when mommy is busy, Kit boy will help to entertain this little fella.

..when Wai boy cries, the Big Brother will dance and make him smile again.
..when is time for Wai boy to go to bed, Kit boy will follow to accompany his little brother (previously during weekends, Kit boy will insist to stay up late at night)

..when someone unknown / strangers who just wanted to touch his 弟弟, he will be the first to protest and say "NO, please don't touch my brother".

..when Kit boy comes back from school, the first person he looks for will be his little brother.

and the list goes on.

For more updates on Kit boy's little brother, please do feel free to drop by at Little Wai boy's blog.


21 November 2013, Thursday

Same as previous years, there will be an overall progress report given to the parents before the year ended and below is the said report for this year which we received a day before the last day of school on 14 November 2013.  

Kit boy's Year 5 Progress Report

The following were remarks made by Kit boy's form teacher, Ms. Jace after coaching him throughout the year in Year 5.


Kit boy has steadily progressed in overall academics but need to improve on his English. In terms of Chinese, "他的华语掌握得好".


Kit boy has improved in paying attention. FINALLY :)


He is a happy, cheerful and caring child.  Besides, he is also playful and creative.


He is able to dance well during the school concert.  He loves dancing and singing.


Talented in art and craft.

Social Skills

He makes friends quickly, enjoys conversation with friends (ie. talkative)

Normally I don't expect much on this report, as long as there is no serious negative remark that needs my immediate attention, I am ok with it... anyway, he is only 5 years old.  Maybe I'll be more stringent when he comes to Primary 1.  Hence, I always remind him that next year will be his final honeymoon year in kindy and therefore, he should enjoy to the fullest.


19 November 2013, Tuesday

Last weekend we were at Viva Home mainly for the Popular warehouse books clearance that started on Friday (Preview Day for Popular card members) and for those who have yet to go, it will be there until this weekend (24 November 2013).  

Books are sold at as low as RM5.00 and/or up to 90% of rebates/discount.  In terms of pricing, really worth buying but need to spend a little more time into hunting as some of the books are not in good condition.  

Mommy and Daddy went into the hall and go books hunting together with Kit boy while 婆婆 help to look after little Wai boy outside at the sitting area away from the crowd.  Despite we only started exploring the warehouse sales after dinner at about 8:30pm but still managed to grab the following books at extremely low price. 

Chinese story books @ RM5.00 each

A set of Chinese writing workbooks for Kit boy @ RM1.10 each

English story books with voice recorder @ RM5.00 each

A Chinese Encyclopedia @ RM8.00

Daddy's set of Master So (蘇民峰) Feng Shui Chapters @ RM5.00 each

Also Daddy's @ RM5.00
Overall, we spent less than RM80.00 within an hour.


17 November 2013, Sunday

We were gathered at 爷爷's house yesterday to celebrate little Yue Yue's 2nd birthday.  Yue Yue is Kit boy's youngest cousin sister (小姑姐's daughter). 

Birthday Girl

小姑姐 organized a very simple celebration with some home cooked food plus fast food and of course, a nice pinky Hello Kitty birthday cake which is selected by the birthday girl herself.  

As usual, we started off with a yummylicious dinner before the cake cutting ceremony when all the kids will gathered around the cake and get ready to blow the candles together. 

Mommy thinks that it is good to have close family members gathering once in a while either for birthday celebration or during any major festivals when everyone is so relax and chitchating on anything under the sky while the kids can have so much fun playing various games together with their cousins/nephews. 

And this is also the best time to have family photo shooting and here's one for the album.

Karaoke Time - Singing the Birthday Song 

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